Speech Technology Predictions for 2006

Speech Technology is presently saving companies thousands and thousands of dollars in telemarketing centers. Their artificial intelligent enabled systems can answer a multitude of questions of shoppers and customers, frequently allowing the patron to get the preferred information without ever speaking to some live operator. The for such is very competitive and lots of niches happen to be eliminate where small start-up companies have excelled. Speech Technologies also have become a lot more robust for private tech products for example in-vehicle Gps navigation systems, PDAs, mobile phones, digital recorders and voice activated word processing. Contacting devices, computers and systems in natural language helps jump the barriers between man and machine. The military is another big buyer and user of speech technologies to command and control helicopters, tanks, weapon systems, aircraft and personal computers within the new internet-centric battlespace.

Speech Technologies are utilized to assist in translations and real natural language where artificial intelligent systems assistance to put statistical values on amounts of intensity, voice inflection, severity and want. This helps in surveillance, identification of threats and assignment of tasks to first responders when such systems become overwhelmed during emergencies.

Future Technology is potential recognized in predicting human intent, regional area dialect accents and see the web site joke along with a matter-of-fact based comment. Current projects with much promise incorporate a computer contacting an individual placing a manual into conversational terms and dealing an individual through problem solving during maintenance, repair and/or perhaps a crisis situation. A persons computer interfaces from the automatic systems, personal technology devices and operation of costly and complex equipment will utilize Speech Technologies increasingly more. 2006 looks to become probably the most hyper-evolving many years of Speech Technologies we’ve seen or “Heard!” Think onto it.

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