Defining Social Formula

The term social is presently fashionable, we’ve social media, social software, social bookmark submitting, and today social formula. Social networks are the game, social software would be the tools which will make social media possible, but exactly what is a social formula?

The next attempts to define exactly what a social formula is.

Social Media.

Let’s explore the examples. Famous social networks include Flickr, YouTube, MySpace, Friendster, Wikipedia, Facebook, del.icio.us and also the the virtual gaming realm of Second Existence. Bookmarking and tagging are thought social networking activities. The objective of the network is that people rendezvous, collaborate, or simply discussing something (photos, music, movies, information, etc).

Social Software.

Social software would be the tools which make it easy for individuals to network. These vary from email, e-mail lists, RSS, IRC, im, Napster like P2P, blogs, wikis, AJAX, Web 2 . 0, etc. Their characteristic would be that the networking should be interactive, and bottom-up (users provide content). These software was once known as group-ware. A few of these software are very old, however, many others like blogs tend to be more recent. Wikis have been in existence since Ward Cunningham, the daddy of Wiki began it, however it ended up being considered for geeks only, and also have been recognized broadly only within the last few years. Some software are documented using wikis, and companies, educational facilities have began to utilize it.


So, exactly what is a social formula? An formula is sort of a cooking recipe or software program with step-by-step instructions to carry out a procedure. Algorithms are mentioned in pseudo-code, easy that people understand, and therefore are more abstract than software. The programs are stated to apply some formula, as being a machine level translation from the pseudo-code.

Although most algorithms are statistical, they don’t have to be, as proven in cooking recipes, logical unification formula, string matching, face recognition, etc.

Agent based.

Social algorithms is different from general algorithms for the reason that they require agents, and also the formula is caused by the interaction from the agents. The ant colony formula is definitely an example, with ants because the agents, and accustomed to solve some problem, like the shortest path or even the traveling salesperson problem. Social algorithms can employed for distributed problem-solving because the ant colony formula, but don’t have to be.

It’s stated that Google’s PageRank formula may be the decisive factor for Google to win the fight from the web. The PageRank formula ranks websites using many criteria, including the amount of backlinks, each having a weight the PageRank from the referring site (the formula is recursive and almost real-time).

To know the formula, this is a description:

The initial PageRank formula was explained Lawrence Page and Sergey Brin in a number of publications.

It’s provided by

PR(A) = (1-d) d (PR(T1)/C(T1) … PR(Tn)/C(Tn))


PR(A) may be the PageRank of page A,

PR(Ti) may be the PageRank of pages Ti which connect to page A,

C(Ti) is the amount of outbound links on-page Ti and

d is really a damping factor which may be set between and 1.

Since PageRank defines ranking of websites inside a search, it impacts a lot of things, and within the last analysis, lots of people who derive earnings in the sites. Hence people, who’re the agents here, attempt to modify their website parameters to improve their ranks. This really is generally referred to as Search engine optimization: internet search engine optimization.

It is really an example in which the formula provides rules for that social networking, and in that way modifies the agents behavior or actions. Abuse from the formula have happened, in a single situation, someone builds websites according to (almost) links just with no content, but manages to obtain a high PageRank. Such anomalies is going to be most likely be used proper care of, because the PageRank formula can also be evolving.

Internet auctions and reverse auctions for example supplied by EBay, will also be algorithms which offer the guidelines from the game, where we’re players.

Digg.com is really a social bookmark submitting site, the initial suggestion is offered 1 digg, and individuals can digg again when they such as the suggestion, or undug it when they don’t. The amount of diggs in suggestive of the suggestion’s recognition. This technique will favor groups of people that collaborate to digg one another suggestions.

We have seen that social algorithms have weaknesses, frequently exploited by others. Hence the requirement for improving social algorithms.

Netflix is really a famous situation, they’ve offered a million dollars to anybody who are able to enhance the precision of the existing formula by 10%.

Non human players and avatars.

To the phrase social formula like a multi-agent based formula, in which the agents are people, we’re feeling this definition should be enlarged to incorporate cases when individuals are substituted by creatures or software surrogates. I’d think about a simulation from the Digg formula, or perhaps a simulation of market buying and selling using intelligent agents as social algorithms. Same with the ant colony formula, which substitutes creatures for individuals. Likewise swarms, flocks, etc.

Cellular automata is really a border situation, it’s agent based okay, but frequently accustomed to simulate physical, and chemical processes. If use to imitate human activity, it might be a social formula.

The evolution formula being an abstraction from the Darwinian process is another social formula.

Genetic algorithms and it is variations are incorporated here.

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